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BioApex Scientific is an innovative biotechnology and R&D company registered in Hong Kong. BioApex Scientific holds the IP rights to our unique ELXR and AgrozymeTM technologies and have developed these technologies into a series of highly effective products to be used in the sustainable development of the agricultural industry and in environmental rehabilitation and protection, with products targeted at improving the health and wellness of humans in the R&D pipeline. BioApex Scientific has been recognized as a hightech enterprise and has been accepted as a tenant of the Hong Kong Science and Technology Park. Our ELXR and AgrozymeTM products have been tested by 3 rd party academic institutes and authorities for applications in crop plantations, livestock and aquaculture breeding, soil amelioration, lake treatment, fermentation and odor removal with industry leading results efficacy rates. Our products significantly improved agricultural output as well as product quality and greatly contributes to improving food safety and security. Our products reduce the dependence on chemical fertilizers, antibiotics and pesticides, greatly improving the sustainability environmental friendliness of the agricultural industry.

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Drop anchor for the ultimate in waterfront living at Sanctuary Point. Soak up the sparkling water views and explore the deep, wide waterways that surround these premium residential parcels. Our peninsular waterfront and dry lots range from 365sqm through to 1009sqm.

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Australian Immigration and Citizenship

Subclass 858

Global Talent visa

  • The execution time is short, and the whole family can get the green card in one step

  • Priority treatment throughout

  • No need for high investment

  • The immigration official website recently disclosed (March 2021): 75% application takes 73 days 90% application takes 3 months

  • You can include members of the family unit when you apply. You can also add family to your application at any time before we decide on your application.

  • Property Law - With over 20 years of specialized experience in property law, our firm has settled over 19000 property matters since its establishment in 1997. Our team of highly experienced lawyers is dedicated to assisting both purchasers and sellers in a highly efficient manner, advising on issues involved in conveyancing transactions, including the governmental charges, such as FIRB application fee, stamp duty and land tax, providing advice on sale or purchase of vacant land, second-hand properties and “off-the-plan”, preparing a Contract of Sale, negotiating terms and conditions for the sale or purchase of a property, arranging title searches, subdivisions and registrations, and representing in land settlement. Our due diligence helps overseas purchasers understand their rights and obligations before committing to the purchase thereby minimizing the risks involved. We also have a 100% success rate in applying for FIRB approval for our overseas clients. Besides, our firm is also capable to handle the legal issues incurred for the landlord or the tenant.

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