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Corporate Finance Advisory

                                                                                    is the process of raising funds for project construction, operation and business development based on the assets, rights and interests and expected returns of the enterprise. The development of an enterprise is a process of financing, development, refinancing, and redevelopment. Generally, companies have to go through the product management phase, brand management phase, and capital operation phase. With the continuous development of modern enterprises, it is more and more common for enterprises to cooperate with professional social organizations to solve their own problems. The emergence of accounting firms, law firms, financial public relations, financing consultants and other professional organizations provide professional services for all stages of enterprise development. With the continuous refinement of the social division of labor, enterprise development has since embarked on a standardized path.

Corporate Financing


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Fund Raising in Equity Capital Markets

Initial public offer

/ Allotment of new or old shares by listed companies

/Allotment of stock options by listed companies

/Assist in coordinating potential company resources allocation and associating with professional teams

/identifying strategic shareholders, etc. /Assist in the consulting work of the first stage development

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Debt Capital Markets 
Money Markets

Assist in Raise funding practice from sub-ordinate bonds issuance in the money market

/Refer investors and bonds wholesalers

/Refer Professional teams to underwrite the bonds placement

/Assist in coordinating the assessment report of related assets ​

/Assist in the preparation and advisory work before the issuance of bonds

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Private Equity Setup

Assist in the coordination of the establishment of private equity funds in the early stage

/Refer fund investors

/Assist in the establishment of a fund custodian /Refer fund managers

/Assist in the research and development of fund products ​

/Refer sales representative teams and channels

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Project Financing
/Debt Restructuring

Assist the project structure set up /coordinate project financing

/Assist in providing project financing feasibility report

/Assist in finding a lender /Assist in project operation as Consultant

/Assist in providing feasibility report of debt restructuring

/Assist in coordinating creditors and debtors ​/Coordinate to find the White Knight for Capital Restructuring

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